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Assessing the Threat Student Loan Debt Could Pose to Your Retirement

What if members of working-age households had been burdened with the same level of student loan debt as students leaving college today?

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How To Manage Your Debt

By: J Shipper Many consumers are overwhelmed by accumulated debts. In most cases, the problem creeps up gradually, until the total debt load reaches unmanageable proportions. Sometimes even minor problems such as temporary illness can tip the balance for the heavily...
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7 Smart Ways To Lower Your Tax Bill

It’s not too late to make some smart money moves to lower your tax bill now and in the future. Here are 7 top ideas you can use to keep more in your pocket and give less to the government.

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Tips On Reducing Your Current Debt

By: Tim Gorman Nobody enjoys being up to their eyeballs in debt. I mean let’s face it life is hard enough without having to worry about how you’re going to pay bills that seem to keep piling up all around you. If you’re feeling this way I can assure...
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It's time to start thinking differently about money and debt and start the healing process - and the process toward wealth and freedom. 'Freedom from Bad Debt' can get you started. - Robert Kiyosaki

What Debt to Pay Off First, from Suze Orman